The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates by Jenny Pearson

Written by Jenny Pearson, Illustrated by Rob Biddilph
Published by Usborne, April 2020

Sometimes a book comes along and it warms your heart, tickles your soul and ensures you find hope in the world! I didn’t realise how much I needed Freddie Yates and his adventure until I finished laughing and crying simultaneously. A true delight for these strange times. This was an instant hit in our home and will fly off the library and bookstore shelves.

Freddie likes facts! He knows plenty and they help him to deal with new and uncertain situations. Facts like his Dad broke his leg and is laid up for the summer. Facts keep Freddie going.

Freddie Yates is finished school for the summer! His best friends have plans but not Freddie! Arriving home that first day, Freddie is hit with some devastating news and his summer becomes very different than expected.

A letter to Freddie soon becomes an adventure. Join Freddie, and best friends Charlie and Ben as they set off for Wales. With the boys each escaping family problems, they truly let loose while away, in epic, hilarious proportions. I adore this trio and can appreciate their reasons for getting away from home! New step mothers, a summer as a vegan and loss are valid reasons for their adventure.

Onion eating competitions, boat break ins, angelic choir boys and Wales media capturing every moment, it seems there is a lot to see and do in Wales! For the boys, keeping a low profile should have been on their agenda, but nothing goes according to plan this summer.

This book is laugh out loud funny, with some incredible moments of love and friendship to warm your heart and feed your soul. Precocious boys, an epic journey and a search for something we all crave and do not always see before us…family!

With plenty of facts, fun and friendship, this book will be a firm favourite this year.

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