NetGalley Non Fiction

I have been trying to branch out to read more than just MG fiction or picture books. There are quite a few non fiction books publishing soon that I think should be shared. I hope the physical copies still arrive but for now digital is what I have.

All of these books deserve a front facing space in a library or classroom. Filled with incredible illustrations and fabulous facts, these are spectacular books for all ages.

I am Not a Label by Cerrie Burnell, Illustrations by Lauren Baldo, Published by Quarto, Wide Eyed Editions

“Challenge your preconceptions of disability and mental health” – this book promises to do just that. People from all ages, races and historical times with fascinating stories to be shared and to inspire children.

This book is a celebration of differences, overcoming pre-conceived limitations and being true to who you are. Highlighted in the book are 34 people who have proven that they are strong, worthy and rise to challenges. Inspirational and a brilliant addition to the previously published volumes of stories featuring people we should look up to.

The illustrations are stylish and quirky, each individual given a unique design to help represent who they are and their celebrated differences. There were familiar faces as well as some I didn’t know, which makes the book all the more readable.

Fantastically Great Women Scientists and their Stories, Written by Kate Pankhurst, Published by Bloomsbury

This series goes from strength to strength, highlighting fantastically great woman from history. History has always focused on and favoured the achievements of men, this series pushes those boundaries so we can learn about the women who made huge contributions in their fields. This book looks particularly at scientists, including Marie Curie and Caroline Hershel.

The stories are accompanied by super illustrations mapping out the lives and contributions of each woman. “They never gave up on their dreams”, even when they were fighting to be treated fairly, given proper education and equipment to use.

It is stories like these that help girls to see the world through their dreams. They can aspire to be anything they want, they just need to dream, work hard and be determined.
These books are always incredibly popular within schools.

Ocean Atlas, Written by Tom Jackson, Illustrations by Ana Djordjevic, Published by Quarto Knows

A vibrant, colourful celebration of oceans and seas around the globe. Filled with fascinating facts, scientific terminology and fun creatures of the deep, this book will expand your horizons to see what is under all the water on our planet.

Maps, distances and depths are all recorded as well as facts about explorers discovering lands, shipwrecks and important geological features. Learn about the Mariana Trench, Magellan and submarines that explore the depths.

My children and I pored over every detail in this book and there is plenty to look at on each page. A remarkable book and one I suspect will be very popular.

Atlas of Adventures Travel Edition,

The study of the world around us has taken on bold new ways to understand geography. We used to use a plain old giant atlas that showed boundaries, mountainous regions as well as bodies of water. Now we have the privilege of learning about the world through adventures.

This travel edition will ensure you find something fascinating to do, visit or experience from all over the world. Many of these places will be familiar while others may be new. Come and explore and plan your next adventure. All continents have at least one adventure for you to plan and as you browse each page, you will see plenty of other sights to intrigue you.

Incredible, vibrant and detailed illustrations fill the pages and increase your wanderlust for travelling.

50 Reasons to Love Endangered Animals, written by Catherine Barr, Illustrations by Hanako Clulow, Published by Frances Lincoln

A brilliant book, best suited for younger readers, takes you around the world meeting familiar animals and perhaps some new ones. With fun facts and “show you love” buttons throughout giving ways to learn more about each animal and ways to make small changes to protect the world. This is a lovely book to share.

Colourful illustrations bring the animals to life and will prompt many questions from little learners. Perfect for animal lovers and mini eco-warriors, this book will get your family thinking about what you can do to save the wildlife and planet- from conscious choices about product purchases and sharing the love of new animals with friends.

I would front face this one in a KS1 classroom to be read and enjoyed regularly.

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