Hosted by Mary Simms on her super book blog, https://bookcraic.blog

The aim is to promote the middle grade books we all love to read and share! There are a few steps to follow in order to participate.

Share the front cover as well as all the necessary publishing information- author, illustrator, publisher.

Go to page 11 and choose your favourite sentence.

Describe the book in 3 words.

Write or link to a recommendation or review so we can read a bit more about this book and why we should read it.

Somehow I missed last week so will make up for it, in a cheeky way, by promoting two books I loved reading.

These books described in 3 words- or 6 to encompass both… Adventure, Mystery, Magic, Journey, Power, Trust

Page 11 from The Company of Eight– “It was part of the tradition that everyone auditioning would bring their bags, and usually their entire family, as they would have to leave there and then to sail around the Islands, not to return to Minaris for another year.”

Page 11 from The Conspiracy of Magic– “She skated silently up behind him and then, in a movement so swift that the young conjuror didn’t know what had happened, she pinned his arms behind his back, whipped his knife out of his pocket and held it to his ribs.”

Both of these books had me hooked and left me wanting more. Cass is the ultimate book heroine- strong, sassy and powerful. Her adventures are unrivalled and she has many tricks up her sleeves. From wanting to be an acrobat and joining the ultra secretive Company of Eight in the first book to finding herself protecting the Queen of Minaris in the second book- there is plenty to keep your heart racing throughout both. Sword fights, daring escapes and survival in the coldest of climates.

Harriet Whitehorn has written the hugely popular Violet series of books- a firm favourite in our house and so I knew this series would be intriguing and wonderful.

https://www.harrietwhitehorn.com/cass– visit the website for activity sheets to accompany the books. I live in hope that there may be a book 3 in the works….

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