Time School, We Will Honour Them Blog Tour

Written by Nikki Young, Cover Illustration by Tim Budgen, Published by Hashtag Press

Welcome to the blog tour for the fantastic series of Time School by Nikki Young. Having read and enjoyed the first in the series, We Will Remember Them, I was so pleased to see an early copy of We Will Honour Them.

This series follows a group of friends just starting secondary school and set the challenge to learn more about their families in the past. Where do you come from? Who are your family? The group comprises of Jess, Nadia, Tomma and Ash and they have been best friends since junior school. Waking up one morning, they have all suffered a power cut through the night and are late for the train to school. Boarding the last carriage, they are surprised at its age. In the second book, knowing what might be happening, they wait for the arrival into the town. “They were approaching Hickley town, where they went to school. What they didn’t know was in what year they were due to arrive.” This sentence sums up the beginning of each adventure.

What follows in the both the first and second book is an ingenious plot shedding light on historical time periods. In We Will Remember Them, Jess is introduced to some of her family waiting on news of their son away fighting in World War I. In We Will Honour Them, it is the turn of Nadia to uncover some events in the history of her family. Nadia learns about the racism facing her family in the aftermath of World War II as Polish refugees.

The stories are historically accurate and have enough detail for the 8-12 age range without causing fear or worry. They also deal with issues that children may face today, the death of a loved one, anxiety and friendship issues. These books would form an insightful and fictional enhancement for any group studying history, in particular the first and second world wars.

I am already looking forward to learning more about Ash and Tomma’s families when the next power cut happens. Where and When will the gang arrive next?

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