So many wonderful nonfiction books…

I am in awe of the pile of nonfiction books sat in front of me today. There is truly something for everyone in here, from chemistry to oceans, cities and birds and all are filled with stunning illustrations and fantastic facts!

The Extraordinary Elements, The Periodic Table Personified

I must admit Chemistry was never a subject I excelled in, but I can’t help but wonder whether this book would have helped my plight in understanding the periodic table of elements. Through using infographics and relating them to a basic understanding, I know more now than in highschool. The bright, bold and unique illustrations lead you to read about and learn where the elements can be found, their dangerous uses and a bit of history on their discovery and naming. Using plenty of technical language but keeping descriptions easy to understand, this book will satisfy the youngest and oldest chemists in your family. Completely fascinated by this book! (and keeping it set aside for son starting highschool in September- this could be the ultimate study companion).


I doubt you will find a more colourful and expressive introduction to cities around the world than this delight. Featuring 32 major cities, there is plenty to observe and learn on each page. Again with an infographics feel and the use of bright colours, there is so much travelling to be done in this book! I am certainly inspired to visit a few more cities and would love to frame and display the pages of cities I have been to- they are works of art. The endpapers are maps, helping to learn where the cities are in the world.

How Many Spots has a Cheetah Got?

I love random number facts and learning about anything and everything from animals to robots and buildings. Do you know how many bathrooms Buckingham Palace has? Or How many thumbs a mole has? So many funny yet fascinating questions and answers in this bright and brilliantly illustrated book. I loved the size and feel to this book, being a paperback and easy to flip through to random pages searching for the best fact. The high quality illustrations are lovely and perfect for visualising each fact!

Sounds of the Skies

I am not sure who had more fun with this book, me or my children. It was a race to see who could find and press the buttons the quickest. We were all quite surprised at the sound of the ostrich. What a fabulous way to learn more about birds around the world. Striking the right balance with text and illustrations, young ornithologists will be delighted with seeing and hearing some species of birds. Grab the book a set of binoculars, and start peeking in gardens, parks and zoos to spot some birds in your town!

Colours of the World, Blue Planet, Life in Our Oceans and Rivers

From the gorgeous cover through all the pages, this is sure to awe and inspire children to discover more about Earth, water and sea creatures. The text is simply written to appeal to all ages and there is so much detail within the pages covering plenty of aspects of water; animals, homes, boats and uses of water. The illustrations are wonderfully life like and will help the youngest reader to imagine the creatures lurking in the oceans, rivers and lakes. I am hopeful that this becomes a series and if so, then I will be ensuring I have the rainbow of colours in my libraries! Beautiful!

Cities of The World

From the peek through front cover featuring iconic buildings to flipping through each city learning about its highlights and culture, this book is sure to impress. Travel around the world visiting 12 fascinating and important cities to see what they have to offer travellers. Incredible thought and detail has gone into creating such a colourful and enchanting book. A map at the back highlights other important cities around the globe. Jump in and see what you discover! I think I will use this book to plan my next city break!

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