Graphic Novels- verdict three

Not so much a verdict as an absolute appreciation of the storylines contained within the illustrative pages. Each of the four graphic novels recommended this week are superb stories and I loved them all! All are completely unique and gorgeously illustrated. These all have their place in the healthy reading diet of students! Both my children loved these as well!

Roller Girl follows the story of Astrid and her new thrilling hobby, roller derby. Struggling with her best friend and their differences, Astrid goes alone to learn how to skate and be part of a new team. She faces pain and hardship in training but learns so much about herself throughout the summer camp.

Astrid finds her inner voice and perseveres all summer, through the training, making new friends and improving her relationship with best friend and mum! Girl power is evident in all the pages and it is a powerful book for all learning to stand on their own two feet!

This excellent new series is perfect for younger graphic novel readers! Meet Mango and Brash, the InvestiGATORS, on the case of the the missing Chef Gustavo Mustachio! With plenty of humour, jokes and fun, it is a brilliant story following the Gators as they find clues and get closer to solving the mystery.

With the promise of more to come from these intrepid detectives, I can highly recommend this book. I found myself laughing at different places than both of my children, proving there is plenty to offer readers of all ages!

This was the first graphic novel I read at the beginning of my summer reading challenge and it may yet be my favourite. It is stunningly illustrated and tells two stories featuring Cici, a writer in training, always on the hunt for inspiration for stories. Two mysteries involve Cici and her friends searching for clues and learning more about the people around them.

Cici loves studying people and learning about their secrets but when this hobby threatens to ruin her friendships and relationships with her Mum, Cici needs to know herself better too. This is the most beautiful graphic novel I have come across and the style is different to others in this genre.

A darker graphic novel story about a mysterious box that comes to life. When this secret is discovered and used for darker purposes, it is up to Cam and his father to destroy the evil cardboard creations. It takes a lot of creativity and courage to face down the mega monster, and destroy the city built below a house.

Cam and neighbourhood bad kid, Marcus must forge a friendship and their adventure brings Marcus to change his ways. My 11yo devoured this book and moved swiftly on to Ghostopolis, another brilliant graphic novel from Doug TenNapel. This is a proper thrilling adventure!

I have been growing a wishlist of graphic novels to try out and plan to extend my repertoire over time, and ensure I recommend graphic novels to all the students I work with. I have noticed an increase of graphic novels being mentioned and recommended on Twitter and Instagram which is lovely and hopeful for this genre to take the world by storm!

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