Picture Book Perfect for Little Monsters…

Monsters take many forms in children’s books, from the cute and cuddly to the large and worrisome! Many of us have grown up with books such as Where the Wild Things Are, The Gruffalo and Monsters Love Underpants, proving that monsters make for super book characters.

Today I have more monsters to share…some new and one familiar returning again! I love the vast differences between the monsters in these books. I think they will make for excellent read alouds and I intend to practice this with my children over the weekend!

This hilarious book features a terrifying monster attempting to scare readers before bed. “Terror” takes you on a scary tour of a haunted house, a lonely wood and a ghostly ship. All in an attempt to scare! Be prepared though for the funny, heckling comments from those travelling with him, who question his terror, ask silly questions and share side comments. A treat of a bedtime story, perfect for those last minute chuckles before bed!

Inviting a monster to stay, a little girl is hoping to to make friends with him in the hope that he will stop scaring her. As she gets to know her monster, watches him do funny things and sits with him while he sleeps, she has a realisation. Charmingly illustrated, a wonderful story is brought to life, one that will assure others to look differently at the monsters who worry them. Perhaps instead of fear, there can be friendship and fun!

This interesting book is in part a picture book, a comic book and a chapter book. Merging these styles is author-illustrator Lynne Hudson. Thingamanose is a funny story, sure to please those who love bodily humour. Told in rhyme, we follow the story of a girl with Thingamanose stuck in her nose and those who won’t believe her. In trying to prove it, she must try to catch it and that is certainly easier said than done.

Celery is a naughty girl, constantly finding herself in trouble. However, she never says sorry for her actions. Every time she says “Sorry, Not Sorry!” and carries on choosing naughty actions. Threatened with “If you act like a monster then a monster you’ll become!”. Readers can guess what will happen next but will Celery ever be sorry? A cautionary and funny story for those who push the boundaries of naughtiness!

Welcome back Nibbles! A familiar and funny return of a favourite book eating monster. These brilliant books have those amazing books within books and peek through pages, perfect for entertaining young readers. Nibbles has escaped and is on a tour through the boy’s favourite book of facts. With plenty to learn as you follow Nibbles, this delightful book will fast become a favourite, especially as there is a dragon chasing them all!

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