Graphic Novels- The Conclusion

Six weeks ago I started my own personal summer reading challenge. I wanted to dispel my own misconceptions about graphic novels. To begin with, I borrowed a tall stack from @sarahmerchant13, and worked my way through them and I then ordered a few from the library and from bookstores to build the collection and to diversify.

The ultimate conclusion to my challenge is that I now count myself a huge fan of this genre, and am no longer shy about browsing that section of a bookstore but am actively seeking them out. Last week I went into town where we have a chain bookstore and an independent, and I added to my list of graphic novels to own! Part of me was disappointed in the selections and it made me consider how much more time and shelf space these books need to be given.

I did manage to find a few to try and I will always endeavour to buy from my local independent or from another independent online…here are the titles I have added to my payday list!

I am continuing to follow @ruddickrichard for more graphic novel recommendations, his blog is fantastic and worth a read!, and his Padlet of graphic novels is superb!

Let’s put graphic novels on those centre tables in the bookstores so they get their well deserved publicity!

I am pleased to say this isn’t the end of my challenge but the beginning of a true appreciation of graphic novels.


  1. I often find it hard to highlight the merits of graphic novels to other avid readers. There’s possibly an element of snobbery that demotes the graphic novel to something below ‘real’ books.

    I think this is the hardest thing to get past when describing them to others. Did you feel a portion of that same attitude before you tried them yourself?


    1. That was part of the reason I felt the need to immerse myself in this genre. There is certainly a stigma that “real readers” wouldn’t admit to trying or liking GN , but they are more than I bargained for. There is more to research here for me but I will be singing their praises more now than before. I think I get them more than I did and my beliefs in their merit has changed so hopefully more store and library presence of them will help to promote them to a wider audience.
      Thanks for your comment…very thought-provoking!

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  2. Really liked the post. Reminded me of friends who have done the same in the past. I’m yet to hear someone say that they tried graphic novels and didn’t like them.

    There’s so much variety it’s as nonsensical to me as saying ‘I tried books but I just didn’t like them’. Though, sadly, there’s probably a quantity of people out there who think too… 😦


  3. I’ve really enjoyed seeing your posts on this. Our kids’ graphic novels bit is gradually growing – both in stock and interest – though it’s still very small due to space. I’m hoping it’ll be something that continues to grow as we can find space for it though!


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