How to Take Part in #MGTakesonThursday

Post a picture of an MG Book you have recently read…share a photo of the cover, and include the important information about author, illustrator and publisher.

Choose three words to describe the book…

Go to page 11 and share your favourite sentence…

Write a review or link to your review…

A Clock of Stars: The Shadow Moth by [Francesca Gibbons, Chris Riddell]

A Clock of Stars, The Shadow Moth by Francesca Gibbons, Illustrated by Chris Riddell, Published by Harper Collins.

Three words…adventurous, thrilling, enthralling

Favourite Sentence from Page 11…as it happens, in the proof copy, this is the first page of the Prologue. “Fly with courage and speed and the will of the stars. If you just do one thing, help return what is ours”

My Review:

A kingdom under threat, a pair of sisters and moth loving monsters searching for lost treasure are all you need to know as you join the adventure held between the pages of this book

Imogen is cross with her mum, sister Marie and her Grandmother. She storms off into the gardens to cool off and get some space but is followed by her sister. When Imogen finds a door in a tree and steps through, Marie follows too, much to the annoyance of Imogen. Following a moth, which Imogen has called her Shadow Moth, the sisters find themselves in a dense forest.

Travelling through the forest, the pair soon find themselves in a strange city and are drawn near a castle. As the sky darkens, a high pitched screeching starts, terrifying the girls and they start knocking on doors for help, despairing until a boy pulls them into the castle to save them. From what, they do not know yet. The rescuer is Miro, a prince living in the castle with his Uncle Drakomor.

The monsters, those with the high pitched screams, are called skret and they only come out at night. They are fast and strong and have a hatred towards humans. Legends and stories are interwoven into the narrative, filling the reader in on the history of forest dwellers, settlers and the skret.

In order for the sisters to find their way home, they need to enlist the help of some interesting and dangerous characters. Blazen Bilbetz, a renowned hunter, and Lofkinye is a forest dwelling woman, with high spirits, a talent for storytelling and plenty of courage.

While Miro, Imogen, Marie and Lofkinye plot and plan their adventure, someone else has plans too. Future wife of King Drakomor, Anneshka is plotting her way to the throne. An overtly devious character, she is ruthless and dangerous.

I was enthralled with this story, from the legend of the skret and their heart of the mountain, to the moths they use to communicate and send messages. I wouldn’t want to let any spoilers slip but I am completely enchanted and look forward to more from this author.

Adventure, mystery and complex characters will have you turning the pages late into the night!


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