Oi Aardvark Alphabetty Botty Blog Tour

Hachette Children’s have devised an entirely clever and exciting blog tour for this awesome addition to the Oi series of books. Heralded as hilarious, ingenious and brilliant, this series has taken the children’s book world by storm. This alphabetical blog tour is in keeping with frog’s latest seating plan for animals in his Alphabetty Botty Book.

If you have been following this blog tour, then you will have seen some amazing reviews, insights and images of the book. If you know this series, then you can be assured how fantastic Oi Aardvark is!

With the talent of Kes Gray and Jim Field bringing our favourite frog, cat and dog back for more arguments, questions and imaginative seating ideas, this is easily a favourite in many schools and homes around the world.

We keep ours altogether on the book shelf and I can’t help but glance over and admire them! Although sadly, Oi Goat seems to have gone for a walk to another room!

The rhyming and ease with which Kes Gray writes this series is awe inspiring, completely imaginative and so so funny. I have had many children trying to figure out just what they would sit on by following these books. Jim Field’s masterfully illustrated animals are the perfect match for the text and hilarity. During lockdown, we loved learning to draw the characters via Jim Field’s draw along videos.

When Frog decides to write an Alphabetty Botty Book, Cat is less than impressed, obviously, while the others are keen to learn more. Travelling through an alphabet of animals, each is given something to sit on with some very strange combinations! While Dog remains impressed, Cat finds the book absurd! Will Frog make it to Z?

With a rainbow of cover colours, this series fits together perfectly and will inspire a love of animals and plenty of laughs for all the family. I can only hope that there may be more imaginative seating arrangements to come!

Written by Erin, who may sit on a heron!

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