Picture Book Perfect

Autumn 2020, though completely disrupted due to Covid, is still proving to be a huge publishing time for children’s books. Perhaps it is because Christmas is only 99 days away and publishers and booksellers try to enourage gifts of books for children or perhaps it is because there is so much talent in the authors and illustrators. Whatever the reason, I am thrilled to play however small a part in recommending picture book titles.

This week I have been immersing myself in fictional worlds, meeting new characters and marvelling at the illustrations in these delightful books.

Ruby and Graham by Lucy Barnard

Ruby and Graham are opposites, Ruby is carefree and fun while Graham is planned and organised. Wanting to feel more popular and part of the fun, Graham puts down his clipboard and joins in. It doesn’t take long for the forest to get messy and chaotic without Graham sorting everyone. Ruby has an admission of her own and it takes Graham by surprise. The beautiful illustrations in this book will enchant readers as Ruby and Graham figure out a way to have fun and sort out the forest. A super read to encourage children to be themselves and to be both “sensible and sensational”!

The Little War Cat by Hiba Noor Khan and Laura Chamberlain

A stunning book bringing a heart warming tale of kindness to our bookshelves. Aleppo is a city in conflict, with noisy explosions and huge destruction all around. We follow a small grey cat as she tries to find food and shelter on the dangerous city streets. When she is rescued by a stranger it proves to her that kindness can still be found. When the cat later sees a small boy frozen to the spot in fear, she fully understands the power of kindness. Promoting kindness, this book will make you feel all the feels!

Scared of the Dark? It’s Really Scared of You by Peter Vegas and Benjamin Chaud

I have long been a fan of Benjamin Chaud illustrations, and he does this fun story justice! The dark is hiding during the day ready for his nighttime escapades. This book is a superb way to challenge those with nighttime fears, this books changes your perspective and allows some humour into a fearful situation. You see Nighttime loves the same things we do…chocolate, cake, and playing games, although it can be hard to do these things in the dark. But, whatever you do, don’t turn on the light, it gets a bit scared. Peter Vegas has created a fantastic book to share with everyone!

While You’re Sleeping by Mick Jackson and John Broadley

From the end papers through to the adventure of discovering what might happen at night around the world, this book is a feast for the eyes. A dreamlike world of workers, shops and nighttime animals keep the reader delving into each page, searching for a story in each image. An entrancing book, one that teaches children just how much work happens around the clock. Not everyone is tucked up cosy in bed at the same time! The illustrations take this book to another level and I can imagine every reader losing a sense of time as they study them!

It’s Only One by Tracey Corderoy and Tony Neal

What happens when one animal throws a wrapper onto the ground? It unleashes some very anti-social behaviour from everyone and it doesn’t take long for things to get out of control! Sometimes it takes the smallest to have the biggest impact, whether with voice or action. A beautiful book sharing the importance of being a good neighbour and caring for the environment. These books are so important for our younger generation and I love the story and illustrations. Can’t wait to read this one aloud!

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t by Patricia Hegarty and Jonny Lambert

A hilarious book featuring a naughty and tricky chameleon! He plays tricks, avoids chores and steals food. The other animals are fed up with him! One day, his tricks go too far and he ends up hiding from a Jaguar! When he meets another camouflaged creature, the tables are turned and chameleon gets a rather bitter taste of his own medicine. Cleverly drawn pages make you feel as though you are part of the story! A cautionary tale of what happens when you play tricks on people!

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