The Incredible Record Smashers by Jenny Pearson

Written by Jenny Pearson, Illustrated by Erica Salcedo, Publishing March 2021 by Usborne Books

This incredible book is hot on the heels of The Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates which was laugh out loud funny, endearing and a brilliantly uplifting story.
The Incredible Record Smashers is a fantastic second book for Jenny Pearson.

When Lucy punches classmate Billy on the nose, she is sent home, unable to finish the last two days of Year 6. Billy, in my opinion, deserved the “fiery fists of fury” for asking why Lucy is unable to fix her mum. Mum isn’t broken but just really sad and this time, Lucy must move in with Aunty Sheila so her mum can get some much needed support.

Determined to make her Mum happy, Lucy launches a project for her and new friend Sandesh. She is convinced the key to her mother’s happiness lies with the host of the new TV Show, Record Smashers. All she needs is to find a talent or skill so she can get on TV. Testing everything from head butting watermelons to pegs stuck to her face, Lucy is growing despondent until Sandesh throws a bean and Lucy catches it in her mouth. With only days to spare, the pair apply to be on the show, send in a video and make plans to escape to London.

As a side story, Sandesh has bought a mobile phone from a car boot sale and is getting plenty of phone calls and texts from someone called Stan. Stan is ready for the details of the drop point for the AWP. Deleting these and not paying them much attention will be cause for concern later in the story.

I can totally attest to the brilliance of this book….there are essentially two stories running together, both with fits of comedic hilarity and the trials and tribulations of new friendships. Not to mention the reason for the story entirely, the effects of depression on a family. There are some poignant moments where Lucy mourns the distance from her mum, where Aunty Sheila shows her what love looks like and when Sandesh proves why he is best friend material.

In between sobs, I was giggling. All throughout this book, I was entranced by Lucy and her over zealous plans to “fix” her mum only realising it was her own happiness at stake as well.

I loved it so much! I cannot wait to see what Jenny Pearson writes next but if it is with the same heart and comedic spirit then it will be a huge success!

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