The Fairy Tale Factor- Episode One

Fairytales have a distinct place in history, are rooted in many of the books we still read, and can provide morals for the world. Along with picture books, I am a firm believer in the power of fairytales. I have loved reading tales from other cultures, twisted versions of classics and sometimes the more gruesome the better. My son had been encouraged by his teacher to read the original Grimm’s fairytales and I am wholeheartedly supporting this. They are fascinating and spooky!

This new blog series will take a closer look at some of the recently published, incredible volumes of tales, old and new, spooky and silly and perfect for all ages!

Today is just the beginning and we are looking at the hilarious and modern stories within Konnie Huq and James Kay’s Fearless Fairy Tales. Illustrated by Rikin Parekh, these are superb twists and reinvented tales for the modern bed time story. Published at the beginning of October by Piccadilly Press, these are taking the world by storm!

“Packed with stories about boys who aren’t afraid to cry and rhymes about girls who refuse to kiss frogs, Fearless Fairy Tales shakes up dusty, old-fashioned (and, to be honest, rather sexist) bedtime stories and totally reinvents them for the twenty-first century.”

New favourites include Trumplestiltskin, Gretal and Hansel and Sleeping Brainy! Oona, a very smart princess has dreams of becoming Chancellor of the Exchequer. Trumplestiltskin has a familiar look to him…and I am sure kids reading this will giggle throughout the story at his orange skin and greedy nature. Gretal wants equal pay, the same as her twin brother, for their Saturday job at the sweet shop but the mean shop owner is not keen, until Gretal more than proves her worth!

With more promising titles of The Pickled Mermaid, Mouldysocks and the Three Bears and Spinocchio, there is actually something for everyone. I am saving a few to read with my own children this week during half term and we are so excited to see how they turn out.

In a brilliant hard back volume, these tales will make the perfect gift for readers young and old!

Coming Soon- Episode Two featuring…Gender Swapped Fairy Tales by Karrie Fransman and Jonathan Plackett!

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