#MGTakesonThursday- Tinsel by Sibéal Pounder!

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  • Post a picture of a middle grade book you have recently read and want to recommend! Share details of author, illustrator and publisher.
  • Turn to Page 11 and choose your favourite sentence from that page.
  • Choose three words to describe this book
  • Either link to your review or share your review

Today I am thrilled to recommend Tinsel by Sibéal Pounder, Illustrated by Sarah Warburton, Published by Bloomsbury (TODAY)!

Page 11 Sentence: “Rudy nuzzled into Blanche and nibbled at the bauble sticking out of her pocket. Blanche took it as a sign.”

Three words to describe Tinsel: Festive, Funny, Friendship

My Review:

I love a twist on an original tale and I love a story with powerful girls wanting to change their world. All this and set at Christmas makes this a firm, festive favourite!

With its own Scrooge like character, elements of the story we know and celebrate every Christmas, this new story about Mrs Claus will make you read on in wonder about what we believe and what may have actually happened!

With heartwarming friendships, dastardly deeds and plenty of mince pies, this has modern classic written all over it. The story begins with an orphan called Blanche and a magical red bauble. The bauble is passed to Blanche by an old woman under a bridge in London as Blanche counts the seconds until Christmas is over.

This bauble will change her life and the lives of children around the world. That same night, Blanche meets Rinki, another orphan with a big heart and big dreams. They share their first mince pie picnic together and promise to keep in touch. Time passes and the girls do not meet for some time again. When they do, their lives have changed. Blanche is the best carter in London with her horse Rudy, and Rinki has been adopted by Captain Garland and lives in a large house next to Mr Krumpus, a grumpy old man full of hate towards Rinki, Blanche and Rudy!

When their lives collide again, it brings the promise of new adventures and dreams. While Rinki stays in London, Blanche ends up in the North Pole where a community of elves, all called Carol, and a giant dancing Christmas tree become her family and help her dreams of gifting toys to all children begin to come true.

Fanciful, adventurous and heartwarming, this tale will fast become a favourite.

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