Festive and Frosty from Nosy Crow

I was fortunate enough to spend some time with two recently published Nosy Crow titles this weekend and I want to recommend them highly for this winter and festive season.

On a walk late Saturday afternoon, my family and I spotted our first Christmas tree in a window and it gave us all the festive feels. We are not quite ready to empty the attic of all the decorations just yet but I was definitely ready to dive into some festive and frosty reads.

A Christmas In Time, Written by Sally Nicholls, Cover By Isabelle Follath, Interior Artwork by Rachael Dean, Published by Nosy Crow

Alex and Ruby are spending Christmas with Aunt Joanna since she has broken her leg and needs help to run the B&B. All the family are pitching in and it is whilst decorating the tree that magic begins to happen. When the siblings spot a Victorian woman watching them through the mirror, they know something amazing is about to happen.

Stepping through they enter a cold Victorian house and meet Marian Pilgrim, the matriarch of Applecott House. Knowing her to be a distant relative, they file into the house and change clothes to fit in. Having met Marian before, though it hasn’t happened yet…she knows the pair are in the past to help to right a wrong. Unsure of what they need to fix, Alex and Ruby must play the part and try to fit in.

Meeting the entire family that is crowded into the house for Christmas, it soon becomes evident what they need to fix before they can step through the mirror again to arrive home. Young Edith and her father, Elijah are visiting from India. Edith is going to attend boarding school in Ipswich (where I currently live- I love when that happens!) while Elijah goes back to India. It becomes a race against time to bring some Christmas joy to the family in order to right the wrong!

An enchanting and adventurous story of family, love and doing the right thing! I love the time travel element through the mirror and knowing when they have met a family member, “…Alex was beginning to recognise as Pilgrim, something inexplicable which marked her out as a friend and relation among the strangers of the past. Alex wasn’t exactly what it was, but it was something energetic, something cheerful…”

Clifftoppers The Frost Castle Adventure, Written by Fleur Hitchcock, Cover by Tom Clohosy Cole, Published by Nosy Crow

The Clifftopper Cousins are back for another mystery solving adventure, this time at New Year’s when the snow is thick and there are frosty days spent sledging, snowballing and chasing each other through the snow. When a yellow car flips over and begins to slide down the hill towards the cousins, they dive out of the way and rush to save the driver.

Finding a famous celebrity in the car, the cousins are star struck and help her to the castle where preparations are underway for the annual winter play. Martha Darcy-Court is the lead in the play but has had to flee her home after a spate of bad luck, which she believes is part of a curse.

The actors and crew at the castle are not all to be trusted as the cousins soon discover. Martha’s necklace, left to her by her Uncle, keeps disappearing and Martha is distraught. The cousins dig a little deeper into the mystery and realise the value of the necklace. Their suspicions of thieving are being proven correct but who wants the necklace so bad they are willing to risk everything?

Another thrilling and daring tale from the Clifftopper family. I adore these cousins and their kind, loving grandparents. The family just dive head first into the mysteries and are so determined to solve them that it sometimes comes at a price. Near misses and dangerous chases are all part of what make these excellent books. This is the fourth in the Clifftoppers Series and I would highly recommend the entire set for any classroom, school or home!

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