A weekly celebration of Middle Grade Novels, hosted by BookCraic

To Join in….

  • Share the cover of a book you have recently read and enjoyed. Include the author, illustrator and publisher information.
  • Turn to Page 11 and share your favourite sentence
  • Choose three words to describe the book
  • Either share the link to your review or write a short review

Tomorrow I am part of the blog tour for Glassheart by Katharine Orton and I wanted to share my review within this week and #MGTakesonThursday is the perfect place and time.

Written by Katharine Orton, Cover by Sandra Dieckmann, Published by Walker Books

Page 11: “Everything smelled of the thick, golden oil down here, because it was the main ingredient in the cement for their stained-glass window making, to keep the mixture nice and runny.”

Three Words: Haunting, Mysterious, Folktale

A mini review:

Nona lives with her ‘Uncle’ after losing her mother and brother in an explosion during the war.  Her Uncle is a stained glass artist and he takes up a mysterious commission in the spooky moors of Dartmoor.  Nona accompanies him all the while watching for signs of mystery surrounding her uncle.  Feeling spooked herself, Nona soon meets an Imp.  This imp will become an ally she needs to draw upon in the future fight against evil.

There is a soldier who haunts Nona’s dreams, and it turns out she will need to battle him to save her uncle!

This is a magical story by the author of Nevertell, another brilliant book with an adventurous story, fierce female lead and a cast of incredible characters.

This captivating story surrounds a “glassheart” which survived the same explosion Nona did and this heart is key to the strength of the soldier. He must have her glass in order to do something important. What that is I cannot tell you!
The wilds of Dartmoor bring an added eeriness to this story of light and dark, good and evil, love and grief.

This is an unforgettable book and it is superbly written. I felt as though I were in the wilds of the moors, felt the soldier invading my own dreams and worried as the battle began.

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