How to be a Hero by Cat Weldon

Written by Cat Weldon, Illustrated by Katie Kear, Publishing January 2021

An extraordinary debut novel! Featuring the myths and legends surrounding Odin, Loki and Valhalla. Much is explained in the story so previous knowledge of the gods and Nordic vikings isn’t entirely necessary!

Whetstone is a thieving orphan targeting a gold cup said to be able to predict your fate. Stealing it from a large and aggressive Viking may not be the best choice but Whetstone is determined. From the moment he has the cup, his life is in danger. An adventure is about to befall him and he will need to prove his worth as a hero!

Lotta, a trainee Valkyrie, is not doing very well in her training and she is about to break the Valkyrie code by bringing a human into Asgard. Believing Whetstone to be dead, she carries him into Asgard and must promptly hide him when he awakens.

Somehow the pair form an unlikely friendship. Both are outcasts, with uncertain futures. Whetstone and Lotta both want to live up to their fates but they come to realise something important along their adventure. “Maybe there are different types of Hero,” Lotta mused. “And different types of Valkyrie?”

Determined to prove themselves worthy of their desire, the two must work together to defeat certain obstacles!

Adventurous, exciting and full of legend, this will appeal to many readers. With some laughable moments and hints for future books thrown in, it will delight and enthrall!

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