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How to Join in…

  • Choose an MG book you have recently read and loved! Share a cover as well as information about the author, illustrator and publisher
  • Turn to Page 11 and choose your favourite sentence
  • Choose 3 words to describe the book
  • Link to your review or share a review of the book
Luna Rae is not alone by Hayley Webster, Illustrations by Becky Thorn, Publishing 4 February 2021

Page 11– My favourite sentence from Page 11 (of the proof-this may change in the finished copy): “It’s then I realise my brain is wandering, and I’m not really being a very good detective because I didn’t even notice the boy, with the backpack and the long hair with the headband on, come and sit next to me on the kerb,”

Three Words to Describe Luna Rae is Not Alone: Compassionate, Uplifting, Heart Warming

My Review: I picked this up for one of my late night reading sessions and then could not stop reading. Luna has a tough life, trying to be the grown up for her little sister, Lolly. Dad tends to drink a bit and isn’t much help the next day while Mum works long hours.

Luna’s world feels a little strange right now as they have moved house and school. Mum is not around at all, Dad is acting strange and there is a baking competition that Luna is desperate to enter.

As we follow Luna through her days of meeting new friends, new adversaries and trying to hold it all together, our hearts immediately go out to her. There is a notable absence of Mum- Luna and Lolly believe she is working long hours but Luna begins to notice clues about this absence and she makes a startling realisation. Protecting Lolly and Dad, Luna takes even more responsibility on, including entering the baking competition alone.

Written from the heart, this is a compassionate read and a truly uplifting book about friends and family. From the perspective of someone who works in schools, the alarm bells were ringing throughout this book as I wanted to protect the girls from the sadness of their home life. The knowing glances shared by school staff made me want to wrap my arms around Luna and Lolly. Luna proves herself to be strong and determined throughout this story and she is wonderfully written.

Along with the moments tinged with sadness, there are some amazing and uplifting scenes of true friendship and love above all else. A spectacular read- I read it all at once and will certainly be reading it again!

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