We’re Moving Where? By Glen Blackwell

Written by Glen Blackwell, Cover by Sasha Brazhnik, Published by Zoetrope Books

From Suffolk to Canada, I felt at home throughout the entire reading of this charming story.

When my husband and I first met, our cultures collided. He is British and I am Canadian. Though we both spoke English, there were language barriers and misunderstandings, stereotypes and myths. It was rather humorous to be honest. One of the myths he thought about Canada was that we all had cabins or houses built of logs. His first visit soon put that myth to rest.

Glen Blackwell, has perfectly captured this myth in the story he has written about a family moving to the Canadian wilderness. Harry and his parents are moving so his Dad can work for Canada Wildlife Trust. Moving 6 hours north of Toronto, the family initially live in a tent while they build a cabin for a more permanent home. The entire process is perfectly explained and Harry gets to see his new home built from scratch.

Initial feelings of loss and worry over missing family and friends and having no internet are enough to make any move terrifying but the resilience and determination of this family are wonderfully written. Harry soon forgets to be sad when he is exploring the wilderness, catching his own dinner and watching his new home take shape.

The book feels like a homage to living naturally, being eco cautious and aware of animals and their behaviours. The family adapt incredibly quickly to their new surroundings and I love the simplicity of the story. Honest, heart warming and adventurous, this is a delightful story for children.

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