What Did the Tree See? Blog Tour

Written by Charlotte Guillain, illustrated by Sam Usher, Published by Welbeck Kids

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This beautiful book is a budding historians dream! Never before have I seen the history of a town told from the perspective of a growing oak tree. But that is just what Charlotte Guillain and Sam Usher have brought to us now. A wise old oak stands the test of time as open plains give way to towns, ports and large cities.

The wondrous book, while showing a piece of history’s accomplishments, also celebrates the joy of a tree growing, withstanding weather, people and endless change! This makes for an incredible history lesson and children will be drawn to study the details on every page- an historical search and find!

The illustrations are stunning, as expected from an artist like Sam Usher. The details, colours and dedication to time periods is obvious and exact, ensuring there is plenty to learn from each page.

The timeline at the back of the book is an added bonus for readers, following the development of this town and the life cycle of the oak tree.

What did the giant trees around you see?


  1. So interesting to read about this book. I love both the historical aspects and the natural side. The illustrations by Sam Usher look fabulous!
    Thank you for hosting @erinlynhamilton! X

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