Something for Everyone!

Today’s book blog is full of books I have read recently and I feel there is something for everyone within these titles. From war heroes to the theatre, from pirates to mouse detectives and everything else in between, these are some wonderful stories!

The Last Hawk by Elizabeth Wein, Published by Barrington Stoke

Published 4th March, 2021

An intense and thrilling story set in World War II Germany. Ingrid has a stutter and this makes her extra shy and worried about her future in Hitler’s plans for the country. Her true skill comes in gliders and flying, perhaps this is the only way to prove her worth to the regime. Meeting her hero, Hanna and becoming part of her dangerous antics and plans seems the perfect escape for Ingrid. Truth, lies, caution and bravery will all come to Ingrid and she will need to make some courageous decisions. This book is incredible, full of heart and courage, and will have students gripped. I loved Ingrid’s honesty and truth but could understand the plight that she and many felt under the rule of Hitler and his strict regime! Anyone studying WWII will benefit from reading a tale from the other side! Perspectives are important with this book!

Nappy the Pirate Baby by Alan MacDonald, illustrated by Elissa Elwick, Published by Barrington Stoke

Published 4th March, 2021

A perfect Little Gem- this funny story of mix ups will have readers giggling away. When a baby is found on board a pirate ship, the crew must decide what to do with him- the first thing is to change his nappy and so a name was chosen. After some time of listening to the baby cry for his Mama, the crew turn the ship around and go searching for her. A mystery as to who the mother is turns into a hilarious veggie throwing scene as the pirates try to do the right thing. Amazing illustrations accompany this funny short story! The Little Gems series of books is perfect for readers branching out into longer illustrated tales and for those who love to read but need the right combination of text, paper and colour.

Kitty and the Twilight Trouble by Paula Harrison, illustrated by Jenny Lovlie, published by Oxford University Press

Published 4th February 2021

The Kitty series of books are so popular with young readers. The vibrant and colourful illustrations are full of detail and bring the story to life. Kitty can’t wait to visit the fair with her friends but it seems Pixie has made a new friend who isn’t a big fan of Kitty. Their plans for adventure lead them into trouble and Kitty is called upon to help. It takes a scary adventure for Pixie and Hazel to realise they do need help for a human, a very kind one. Though Kitty was hurt by Hazel, she still did the right thing and understood the little kitten’s side of the story. All that adventuring called for a Midnight feast and all are welcome with Kitty. These adventures are the ideal length and adventure for young readers, and the illustrations are amazing.

The Long Way Home by Corrinne Averiss, illustrated by Kristyna Litten, published by Little Tiger

Published 4th March, 2021

This series of colourful titles is fantastic- all written and illustrated by wonderful authors and illustrators. These stories are brightly illustrated and full of charm along with positive and heart warming messages. The perfect size for a bedtime story but with size of a chapter book, these hardback editions are stunning. Otto and Nanu are off on an adventure, but Nanu is a bit forgetful today and Otto will need to be brave and help them find home. Being a great exploraphant means asking for help, being brave and persevering even when worried. Otto and his Nanu are a loving pair and they realise just how much they needed each other on this adventure! I adore this story and it would be amazing to share!

The Animals of Madame Malone’s Music Hall by Laura Wood, illustrated by Ellie Snowdon, published by Barrington Stoke

Published 4th March, 2021

A joyous, heartfelt story featuring Callie on a visit to her Gran. While Gran manages her drama group, Callie goes off exploring backstage and finds a bit more than she bargained for. Stumbling into a a different world, Callie meets Madame Malone as she and her troupe work together to save the music hall. Madame Malone is a wise Fox and her troupe are all animals! Callie will need to face up to her stage fright in order to help the animals and their plight. There are parallels between both worlds and the theatre needs to be saved in both, with Callie’s help. Seamlessly woven and illustrated with wonderful illustrations, this book will make readers smile. Lovable characters create some laugh out loud moments and a wonderfully happy ending!

Kate on the Case by Hannah Peck, published by Piccadilly Press

Publishing 13th May, 2021

Kate and her Dad are on a train adventure to visit her Mum in the Arctic. They board the train, along with a mysterious group of passengers, and Kate’s mouse, Rupert. When items start to go missing, Kate goes into detective- reporter mode and tries to find the items and the thief! With fantastic twists and turns, and some vibrant and colourful characters this story sets off a new series perfectly. Illustrated and planned to be within two colours, this highly illustrated series will make any budding Agatha Christie fan happy! A fantastically written mystery, Kate is the perfect young heroine for this new series. Rupert is the accessory to have this season and his wisdom helps along the way!

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