The Perfect Fit Blog Tour

A story inspired by experiences as a parent, this story will resonate with families everywhere. We send our children to school with high hopes of them finding friends and it can be heart wrenching when they come home upset with stories of not fitting in. With the use of colour and shapes, this new social scene is charmingly created and children will understand perfectly! Shapes are a creative way to tackle friendships, fitting in and being kind.

Triangle has fun playing with the other shapes but always feels different so sets off on a journey to find more triangles! However, finding more triangles isn’t the end of the story. Kindness remains at the heart of Triangle as she joins in with other shapes and games along her journey. Always happy to have a go and try to fit in, Triangle teaches young readers to be as brave as she is.

A wonderfully inventive tale on fitting in, learning shapes and acceptance! Beautiful illustrations and a positive message will have children reaching for this time and time again! A brilliant book to share in classrooms to promote friendships, kindness and courage. This would be great to read alongside Aree Chung’s Mixed. Both excellent and the illustrations and use of colour work splendidly together.

This new writing duo have some high expectations to live up to with their debut picture book and many of us will be waiting to see what they come up with next! I am sure it will be wonderful and inspired by their own family, resonating with us all!

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