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How to Join In…

  • Choose an MG book that you have read recently and would like to recommend. Share a photo of the cover and add the publishing details
  • Turn to page 11 and share your favourite sentence
  • Choose 3 words to describe the book
  • Share your review or link to your review

Orphans of the Tide and ShipWreck Island by Struan Murray, Illustrations by Manuel Sumberac, Published by Puffin Books

I am totally cheating but they make such a good pair that it seemed right to shout about them together today!

Page 11 Sentence: “The eyes stared upward, rolling back like a blood-maddened shark’s.”

Three Words to describe this book: mysterious, adventurous, gripping

Page 11 Sentence: “But it can’t hurt you anymore, Ellie. You won. So long as you don’t ask it to grant any more wishes, it can’t regain its power.”

Three Words to describe this book: inventive, dangerous, power

These books are entirely gripping, powerful and offer an escape to a strange world where people are fearful of The Enemy. When a strange boy emerges from the belly of a whale, the entire city believes he is the Enemy and must be killed. Ellie, is the only certain citizen that he is not the Enemy and tries to save him. Her inventiveness and friends come to her aid and she and Seth must learn to keep safe together. By working together to solve the mystery of who Seth is, the pair learn plenty!

With the ruthless Inquisition chasing them around every corner, Seth and Ellie must learn the truth before they do. When book two begins, Ellie and Seth are about to land on a mysterious, yet colourful island. They land in search of peace from the constant battle against The Inquisition, though there are secrets and trouble brewing on this island as well.

Seth and Ellie are fantastic characters and as a reader, I want them to find peace, and happiness without looking over their shoulders all the time. However, I also want to dive deep into mysteries, intrigue and danger.

Struan Murray has created an exciting series of books which end with the reader wanting more, full of questions and anxiously waiting for the next…


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