Newly Released Non Fiction

I have some incredible titles to share today! Non Fiction titles aim to teach, share facts and ideas and inspire children to find out more. The titles today do just that but they do it with more style than the NF books I had growing up. These books are bright, bold and colourful, they have unique features and illustrations that you will study for lengthy periods of time.

Nano, the Spectacular Science of the Very (Very) Small by Dr Jess Wade and Melissa Castrillón, Published by Walker Books

Look What I found in the Woods by Moira Butterfield and Jesús Verona, Published by Nosy Crow and The National Trust

Standing on her Shoulders, A Celebration of Women by Monica Clark-Robinson and Laura Freeman, Published by Orchard Books

Do you Love Dinosaurs? By Matt Robertson, Published by Bloomsbury Children’s

Why Do I Wash my Hands? By Madeline Tyler, Published by BookLife Publishing

The Good Germ Hotel by Kim Sung-hwa, Kwan Su-jin and Kim Ryung-eon, Published by What on Earth Books

Why Do I Wear a Mask by Madeline Tyler, Published by BookLife Publishing

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