My Reasons to Read…Rainbow Grey

Written and Illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson, Publishing May 2021 by FarShore Books

My Reasons to Read…

1. It is written and illustrated by the incredibly talented and lovely Laura Ellen Anderson!

2. It is set in a magical kingdom called Celestia in The Weatherlands.

3. There is a farting, exploding cat cloud named Nim. Nim is loyal, funny and very useful on long journeys!

4. All the characters have brilliant names and weather powers…Ray’s mum is called Cloudia and can fix any silver linings. Dad is called Haze, best friends are called Snowden Everfreeze and Droplett Dewbells. You can imagine just what their powers might be.

5. There is an Earth adventurer named La Blaze Delight…who may or may not be pivotal in this story! She may also be good or bad…

6. Ray is a determined and brave heroine throughout the entire story. She makes bold choices but her heart is in the right place and she has only good intentions. A new fan favourite I am sure!

7. Rainbow Magic is a lost weather power that makes a surprising and fantastic comeback. Weather power has a lot to answer for in Celestia and it makes you think about our own amazing weather systems and the impact these have on all of us.

8. The proof copy is the most delightful thing I have seen…with rainbow sprayed edges and shiny cover. I have already pre-ordered the finished copy as I can only imagine the beauty it will be.

9. Amelia Fang touched the lives of so many readers, and though both my daughter and I loved her adventures, we are equally as excited for Rainbow Grey and seeing more of her story.

10. There is a distinguished pigeon called Coo Lar Lar…that sits and reads the paper, but pays the utmost attention to all that is happening around him.

There are perhaps dozens more reasons to pick this book up and I have a feeling it will be one of the most popular books of 2021.

My daughter and I tag teamed the reading of this. We would read it together for a few pages, she would then read more and tell me her page number. Once she was asleep I would catch up to her and then we would repeat the pattern the next night. We haven’t done that for a long time and it was so lovely to bond over a new story.

We both adored Ray Grey and cannot wait to read more of her adventures!

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