Unlocked from Tiny Owl

Stories of hope from Tiny Owl artists in lockdown.

This book is a celebration of hope, illustrations and coming together in new ways. The introduction to this book is a beautiful ode to the changes the entire world felt as lockdown affected each person. For many of us, we have never known such disruption to our lives, jobs and families, and everyone has been impacted differently.

What this book aims to do is show the world what others experienced during lockdown, the hope they felt and new ways of engaging with the world- and it does it beautifully and with style. Each illustrator takes us on a journey through their own personal experience of lockdown. My photos cannot do justice to the beauty of each page.

Illustrated by Ehsan Abdollahi
Illustrated by Dunja Jogan
Illustrated by Maria Christania Winardi

It was a wonderful journey through the eyes of some very talented illustrators, and I couldn’t help but feel inspired, hopeful and in awe of the different mediums, styles and creativity. It is times like this that I wish I had some artistic talents. An inspired idea, one showcase of hope coming out of a world changing event.

This is a book that readers will need to spend time with, pouring over the pages spotting those details missed on first glances, and enjoying the scenes set across the world!

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