Melt Blog Tour

Written by Ele Fountain, Cover Illustrations by Thy Bui, Publishing April 2021 by Pushkin Children’s

An Arctic adventure like no other with a firm message on the impact of global warming to the people, animals and landscape that live in the far north.

Yutu lives with his Grandmother Miki in a small village. Relying on seals and caribou for food, shelter and money, the village all work together and share resources. Yutu is desperate to help the community and to prove himself to his Grandmother so he devises a plan to hunt and bring back enough for their store.

Bea and her family move around a lot due to her fathers work as a geologist for oil companies. She isn’t settling in well to school this time and when the opportunity to travel with her Dad comes up, Bea jumps at the chance. However, danger lurks and Bea is forced to fly on alone without her Dad.

Bea and Yutu’s worlds are about to collide in a daring, frosty adventure in which they will both need to save each other, hide from danger and survive plummeting temperatures and harsh landscapes. This impeccably written adventure carries with it the grave understanding that global warming and the early melting of ice is having a terrible impact on northern communities and the natural world.

Exciting, thrilling and an adventure with dire circumstances, this is a page turner. I could not stop reading it and felt a truth empathy and heart for both Yutu and Bea. Superbly written characters who learn to trust and rely on each other to survive.

This book also highlights that Bea and Yutu are looking to belong and want to feel as though they are valued and have a place in the world. As their worlds change and they grow older, that feeling of uncertainty can creep in. In this book, their search will lead them to where they belong and is an overriding message for all young readers. Be patient, your time and place will come!

This book will shed light on this environmental issue and hopefully will inspire readers to make a change.

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