Twitch Blog Tour

There are almost no words to describe the brilliance that is M.G. Leonard. She has such humour, honesty and details in her books and there isn’t one I haven’t loved.

From her Beetle Boy series to the Adventures on Trains series, we now add Twitch to the bookshelf of brilliance! Twitch is the beginning of a new series for MG Leonard and it is one to watch with interest, as there is plenty to offer readers!

Twitch is a young boy with a love of all things bird. He has a nest style bed in his room, nesting birds in the corner and is working on his latest project of training pigeons to fly home. He had been doing it all alone until bully turned friend, Jack, becomes involved.

On the first day of summer holidays, Twitch visits Aves Woods, his sanctuary, to find police everywhere. An escaped convict is on the loose and they believe he is hiding in the woods. Checking on his hide, Twitch is pleased to see it still standing but there are clues that someone has perhaps been inside.

Over the following days, Twitch turns his expert bird watching skills to good use. First in saving Jack, then spotting new girls around the area and finally in figuring out who might not be entirely honest. A friendly but strange man has appeared in the wood and Twitch knows he must be involved somehow but he needs more evidence.

Twitch is a fantastic character, a brilliant role model for young readers. His perseverance, resilience and strength of character are admirable. He is polite, respectful and clever not to mention courageous in his action scenes later in the story.

There is no doubt in my mind that this will be as successful as Beetle Boy and Adventures on Trains! I love the level of dedication from MG Leonard as she tackles nature and research head on! This book is as full of amazing bird details as Beetle Boy is for insects.

Read it, you won’t be disappointed! Join the Twitchers Club!

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