Reasons to Read…A Glasshouse of Stars

Written by Shirley Marr, Final Cover by Kathrin Honesta, Published by Usborne

I first heard about this book and author from Sophie Anderson, who had read a very early copy and raved about it on social media. When the proof arrived, I was delighted.

Here are my Reasons to Read A Glasshouse of Stars

**As we approach Empathy Day in the UK, this book is a true empathy building story. Told in the 2nd person, we meet Meixing and her family as they leave behind all that is familiar for life in a new country where there are language and cultural barriers. Readers will immediately empathise with Meixing and the experiences she will have.

**It is a beautifully written tale, full of captivating moments and descriptions that will transport you body and mind to Meixing’s world. So many of my pages are marked with stunning statements that stayed with me. “Are you scared of the darkness? No…because you can only see the stars when it is dark.”

**The glasshouse becomes a sanctuary and world where Meixing feels safe and comforted. The black and white tuxedoed cat is a brilliant butler ensuring Meixing finds her way inside when she needs it most. We all need a bit of magical realism in our lives! “…the glasshouse- suspended somewhere between reality and imagination-will never let you down.”

**It has that one teacher who you know will leave a lasting impact on Meixing, Kevin and Josh. Her patience, skill and empathy are wonderful and so needed for these children facing the hardships they faced. She never gives up on them and Meixing decides to not give up on them either. So heartwarming. “…and all you know is that humans are so complicated, and this is heartbreaking and heart-mending all at once.”

**You will get all the feels with this book- sadness, fear, hope…all so intrinsically woven into the story. I laughed and cried throughout the story and felt deeply just how tough it must be to move to an unfamiliar country where the language is a complete barrier. I have more respect now than ever for those who have been moved or chosen to move- what a difficult thing to experience. “You feel nervous, upside-down, inside-out, heart-in-your-mouth, snakes-in-your-stomach, intimidated and scared.”

**The cover by Kathrin Honesta is beautiful and vibrant and will enchant readers to pick the book from the table or shelf and find themselves drawn into the story.

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