Sky pirates, The Dragon’s Gold by Alex English

Written by Alex English, Illustrations by Mark Chambers, Published by Simon & Schuster

Echo is back in another adventure but this time she has a home and her mother with her. Becoming a Black Sky wolf is Echo’s dream and she is learning plenty while living on the sky ship. Still feeling like she needs to prove something, she sets out on an adventure.

Horace is visiting and while he would love a relaxing holiday, Echo convinces him that they need to follow Lil to an alliance meeting between all the sky pirate captains. Unfortunately for Echo and Horace, they get trapped on an ice mountain belonging to the Sharks ….how will they get back to the Scarlet Margaret?,

This adventure is full of dastardly pirates, thrilling action scenes and plenty of moments where Echo needs to prove herself. Horace, ever the voice of reason, tries to talk Echo out of some of her more dangerous ideas and he really gets to her to make her think about her actions and their safety.

It was so great to be back with familiar characters and to see where they are and what they are up to since the first book. This book ends in such a way that I can only hope there is a third still to come. I do hope Horace stays involved as well as Gilbert!

I love the feeling of home and Echo’s very real uncertainty over her belonging and connection to her mother. This is still a very new relationship for them both and it felt so real as the reader. Horace is so funny and the perfect balance for Echo’s impetuousness. Brilliantly written, I read solidly for hours, not wanting my adventure to end!

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