The Three Impossibles Blog Tour

It is finally my turn on the blog tour for The Three Impossibles and I am so excited to share my review with you! This has been a highlight for me this year and I read it some time ago via Netgalley. It has completely stuck with me and I am still a huge fan of Mim and her adventure.

A girl with no knowledge of the outside world becomes the only one brave enough to save it!

Mim is a princess intent on finding herself, forging her own true path and saving those she has just met. Her existence has been rather neglected until the Day of the Catastrophic Curse, otherwise known as her 11th birthday!

Her rarely seen, and unloving father, the King has summoned her to bestow upon her a gift. The lead crown and heavy expectation to become a princess of high standing. This new life begins now and it seems more of a threat than a gift.

With the surprise arrival of Madame Marionette, intending to marry the king, life for Mim becomes even more unbearable and impossible. Madame is cruel and has extreme expectations. She has arrived with her scarlett silk covered cage and Mim’s curiosity gets the better of her. Finding a Prince inside the cage she is taken aback but vows to help him.

Mim, knowing nothing of the outside world has an “enquiring mind” and desperation to learn all she can about the day she was born, the curse that has plagued the kingdom and the world outside the 30 foot wall. Events will lead Mim to take drastic action, leave her only friend in the world and undertake a mission to find The Three Impossibles before time is up!

Action packed with heart pounding moments of daring deeds and rescues, this book will keep you reading, down to the very last words. Will Mim figure out The Three Impossibles in time to save everything she has ever known?

Mim is an exceptional heroine, risking everything for new friends, old friends and for answers to long held secrets. Susie Bower, as with School for Nobodies, has skilfully written a tangled maze of history, secrets and brilliant characters within a plot that must twist and turn to find its way to the ending we all hope for.

Absolutely fantastic book and pure escapism!

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