Felix Unlimited Blog Tour

I felt quite privileged when a proof copy of Felix Unlimited by Andrew Norriss arrived with my name on it. It didn’t take me long to dive in and I was smiling the entire time. What a joyful book!

Felix is a locally famous kid, well known for his previous business ventures which have had varying degrees of success and caused varying degrees of trouble for parents, the school and the police! With plenty of ideas and a penchant for risk, Felix has tried and tested several business models.

When shopping for a last minute birthday card leads Felix to borrow an illustration from his friend Mo, he has no idea the domino effect this will have. Proving to be popular, word spreads, first in his family, then at school and then in the wider community. Initially, not thinking business venture at all, Felix is surprised at how quickly this grows. With shoe boxes stuffed with cash and a new website launched, this might actually be what makes Felix famous!

When the families of Felix, Mo and friends, Ellie-Mae and Ned learn of just how much money they are making, Felix’s Uncle Rufus is called in to protect the entrepreneurs, advise them and help them grow the business.

There is something so special and wonderful about Felix Unlimited and I warmed to him immediately. He has these “feelings” about ventures and while these are not always sound, his spirit is unbroken and he tries something else. He shows resilience, perseverance and determination- qualities which we want for our own children! Felix is a fantastic role model.

Classes would benefit greatly from reading this book aloud and then spending a half term being entrepreneurs and getting a feel for the ups and downs, the demands, the pressure.

With themes of kindness, honesty, friendship and trust woven throughout the story, this book will leave you with a smile on your face! A feel good, heart warming story about a boy who dares to dream big!

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