The Burglar’s Ball by Julia Golding

Jane Austen is widely known for her intelligence, charm and wit but also for her obstinance and strong views. Her books are well known, popular and have been made into dozens of series and movies.

The history of Jane Austen is well known and Julia Golding has taken this history, the writings of Jane and her own imagination and created a series of Jane Austen Investigates books.

Jane just happens to be in the right place at the right time in both books and her determination and courage lead her into and out of some sticky situations. Using her charm, she gets away with her questions, her presence and her giant dog, Grandison.

In The Burglar’s Ball, Jane and sister Cassandra are staying in their former school, attending a ball. When the diamond necklace of their friend is stolen, Jane immediately begins her investigation. Not just to protect a falsely accused new friend but to determine a whole host of hidden truths.

This series has all the charm and cultural history you would come to expect from the time period and all the customs, traditions and expectations. “Why are our brothers allowed much more sensible clothes in which to have adventures?” A question which was answered by sister Cassandra as Jane asks for a lift to climb up a wall! With girls, life choices being quite limited and damning, Jane has certainly found a niche in which to sit.

I find this series easy to read and transport into, the characters are richly written and thought out and with several mysteries intertwining, they keep the reader guessing, thinking and assuming!

Check out both of the books in this series and cross your fingers for more to come!

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