The House on the Edge by Alex Cotter

A house on the edge, a family missing a father and sea ghosts in the cellar…what more do we need from a story? This one has fantastic elements that allow the reader to feel fear, grief, worry but also empathy, love and hope.

Faith’s Dad has disappeared, feared drowned in a storm. She, her brother Noah and Mum are struggling. Faith is caring for her mother who doesn’t get out of bed, eat meals or wash. Faith is also caring for 10 year old Noah, ensuring he wears clean pants, gets to school and stays out of the cellar. Trying to keep afloat while hidden in plain sight is taking its toll on Faith.

With the sudden appearance of Sam, the disappearance of Noah and the arrival of more cracks along the walls, garden and edge, Faith is in a battle against time to save her family and home. With secrets still waiting to be discovered and rumours of treasure, will she have enough time?

This is a thrilling adventure, with plenty of edge of your seat moments and heart breaking ones too. Ultimately, there is hope within the pages of this story- hope for the family and their home to be repaired! This is one to watch- a middle grade debut for Alex Cotter.

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