Lightning Falls Blog Tour

Amy Wilson has this incredible talent for creating worlds in which readers can lose themselves. Lightning Falls and Orbis are neighbouring towns divided by a magical rainbow bridge, though no one is encouraged to travel between the two.

Valerie is a hallowed ghost living in The Ghost House with her ghostly family. While the other ghosts have a past and a death they can remember, Valerie does not. She can also eat, drink and sleep, unlike the others. Tormenting visitors to the house is part of the daily chores for the family. People flock to the house for the thrills and chills of the ghostly entertainment.

When a strange, flickering boy appears to Valerie, she has no idea that he will be the link to her past and future. Untrusting of his words and actions, she disbelieves his comments about her not belonging in Ghost House. It takes best friend, Meg, to help her figure out her doubts, questions and longing for answers about who she is, her past and her natural family.

What follows is an exciting adventure in uncovering a villain amongst her family and coming to terms with his evil deeds and reasons. Power hungry for the magic that exudes from Valerie and Joe, and from the magical town of Orbis, this villain has used it to remain young and to cheat death.

Utterly fabulous, this tale flows off the page and transports the reader into a new world where magic reigns and family are those you love and trust, regardless of shape, size and form.

Amy Wilson has long been the Queen of World Building and this book is a brilliant addition to my shelves heaving with Wilson’s titles and worlds.

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