Sing Like a Whale Blog Tour

As part of my turn on the blog tour, I am thrilled to share the promo video for this delightful book! Press play below for a special message from author Moira Butterfield. Read on further for my review!

Sing Like a Whale is a fantastically fun and engaging book that will have children soaring around the room making animal sounds and learning how to use their voice!

Young children learn communication from their families, similar to those young of our animal kingdom. We learn to speak with words, gestures and actions. Often times, a child’s first understanding of animals is by the sounds they make and which we then sing or say as we see them. I can fondly remember getting my own children to roar like a lion, hiss like a snake or moo like a cow- all fun and games but what we are really teaching is the ability to communicate.

This book is filled with lovely illustrations of 12 well known animals with a short piece of text explaining their sound and then more illustrations to show how the animal might move. Children are actively encouraged to move around, make noise and have fun.

I plan to read this to our mixed Reception and Year 1 class outside so they can truly let go of their voice and get into the joy of acting and performing.

Sing Like a Whale is the follow on book to Dance like a Flamingo, which encourages children to move and groove like the animals. A brilliant pair of books to read and share!

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