The Wonder Girls Resist by JM Carr

This sequel is astounding! I read The Wonder Girls in 2019 and was floored by the plots and the characters. A diverse group of girls find family together within Nettleford(?) Orphanage. All from different backgrounds and experiences, these girls come together to fight a common enemy, Hitler’s Blackshirts.

The town seems to be crawling with these Hitler supporters and though The Wonder Girls got rid of a few, The Wonder Girls Resist will see a new plot unfold and familiar trusted friends be doubted.

New characters are introduced and quickly become part of the gang, foiling small parts of a larger plan. Each chapter enlightens the reader to the plots unfolding and the plans being created, highlighting the bravery of each young child, whether a refugee or orphan. They all gather together and work for the greater good.

The characters are wonderfully written, especially the courage of each girl. They learn about their own capabilities and skills, while helping each other out of dangerous and plot thickening situations!

I really like JM Carr’s style of writing and feel that she has created a fast paced adventure, with plenty of twists, turns and turncoats to keep the reader guessing.

I like the perspective of this book on WWII and the role that ordinary citizens played when faced with a Hitler supporter in their own community. Often books set during the wars focus on the Blitz, the resistance movement or Holocaust. This small community is rocked in a different way and I feel that many readers will experience this new perspective and it will raise some questions about Blackshirts and their role.

Have a look at the Kickstarter campaign for The Wonder Girls!

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