Unleash Your Creative Monster Blog Tour

When this book landed on my doorstep, accompanied with a funky monster notebook and pen, I couldn’t wait to dive in. With so much to offer young readers and writers, this book will inspire the authors of the future! I am so thrilled to share an amazing guest post from author Andy Jones!

Five What-Ifs to Help You Write An Amazing Story

By Andy Jones

Just about every great story began with a writer thinking “What if . . . ?”

For example: “What if there was a school for witches and wizards?” Or “What if my toys came alive when no one was watching?”

You just let your imagination run wild and then you ask yourself: What if? It’s a kind of daydreaming, and the good news is this: children are brilliant at daydreaming. Much better than grown-ups, that’s for sure. So I’ve asked my daughters to help me write a list of 5 What Ifs to inspire you and help you unleash your own creative monster.

1. What if you woke up one morning with the ability to read minds? Your friends, your teachers, your parents. That strange kid from over the road. What would you discover? A secret plot, a new friend, a person in trouble?

2. You know what Dads are like – always telling you to “eat your dinner”, “do your homework”, “don’t tie all those balloons to your guinea pig.” Well, what if he lost his voice for a day and couldn’t tell you what to do? And – more importantly – what not to do?

3. What if you came downstairs on Christmas morning and found a tiny elf sleeping under your Christmas tree? How did it happen? Maybe it was an accident? Or perhaps the elf ran away, but why would it do that? Does Santa know the elf missing yet? And does your tiny visitor have any magical powers? Surely it must – it’s an elf, after all.

4. What if, just before bedtime on the night of your 11th birthday, your daddy said: “Kid, there’s something you need to know: I’m a werewolf, your mother’s a werewolf, and – guess what – you’re a werewolf too.”? How would you feel: excited, frightened, confused? All three is my guess. And then your father opens the curtains wide – the moon is full and huge, and as you stare at it, your skin begins to prickle, your teeth begin to itch and thick fur begins sprouting all over your body.

5. What if you got a magic kit for your birthday? It contains a top hat, trick coins, special cards and whatnot. You pick up the wand and point it at your brother who has been very annoying recently. “Vanish,’ you say under your breath, and you give the wand a wiggle. And as you do – foop! – your brother . . . vanishes.

Now, what if you choose one of these ideas and go and write it?

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