Libby and the Parisian Puzzle by Jo Clarke

Jo Clarke has a debut children’s book hitting the stands in March and I am so lucky to have had a chance to read it via Netgalley this weekend. Having followed her journey of writing the book, I know just how much heart and soul Jo has poured into this story. I am happy to report that it is entirely evident just how much thought, planning, and plotting has taken place.

Libby is a young girl about to embark on a solo journey to Paris to attend her Aunt Agatha’s school. Not a normal,boring or archaic boarding school, but a travelling one. Each term, Mousedale’s Travelling School and students pack up to a new destination. Alongside normal lessons, the students become engrossed in a new culture, language and society, learning much more than they’d expect.

Libby’s train journey to Paris is rather uneventful but as an aspiring detective, she is clued in to her surroundings and makes mental notes of items of interest. These may not seem important to begin with but at some point, they will play their part.

Libby and her new roommate, Connie, immediately hit it off and become great friends. It is easy to like Libby’s chatty and friendly personality and she is certainly someone I would love to be friends with.

Miss Browne, who happened to be on Libby’s train journey is also new to the school and although perfectly nice, there is something suspicious in her behaviour. When a theft threatens Libby and the school, she knows she needs to start pulling the puzzle pieces together!

A real page turner, this is a perfect mystery for aspiring sleuths and with plenty of twists and suspicions being cast, it is easy to get caught up in Libby’s enthusiasm for solving a crime.

Libby and Connie are a brilliant detecting duo, sure to inspire young readers to be extra observant lest a mystery fall into their paths.

When reading this, I highly recommend having some snacks handy…preferably hot chocolate with all the trimmings, macarons and croissants…we are in Paris after all!

I can’t wait to see what happens next…I do hope there are several more being plotted, planned and penned!

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