Fledgling by Lucy Hope

Published by Nosy Crow

A most unique story of cherubs, angels and ascensions, it is one that has surprising twists and feels steeped in myth and legend.

The setting of Bavaria encourages my feeling of myth and legend being woven into this book. A large foreboding forest, sheer rock face houses and taxidermy throughout the house- it all leads to dark and mysterious plots.

Cassie lives in a large house built into a sheer rock face, overlooking the nearest town. Over the years, new floors and rooms have been added according to each generations need. There is an Owlery for the large collection of stuffed owls, a music room for Cassie’s operatic mother as well as a library, work room for her Papa and everything else in between.

As the story begins, there is a storm raging and hearing a tap on her window, something hurls itself in once the window is opened. Cassie immediately summons best friend Raphael from the town to see her discovery and to help her.

It is a cherub, and they need to understand why it has come and how to care for it. The cherub, we later learn, is there to help them.

I haven’t read anything like this before and love it’s unique story. There are suspicious characters, an old wives tale that turns out to be truth and owls who predict change.

The relationships between Cassie and her parents is strained and her Grandmother lives in a morphine induced sleep, so she and Raphael work together to discover the mysteries of the cherub, the house and of the Sturmfalken.

Not all is as it seems, both in plot and character…this is one that has elements of myth blended with scientific and technological advances. The characters have depth and though the cast is small, each plays a massive role in the entire tale.


I was lucky enough to interview Lucy recently. The link above will take you to that chat!

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