Clementine Florentine by Tasha Harrison

By Tasha Harrison and Mya Mitchell, Publishing with UCLan Publishing in January!

An uplifting and hilarious tale of poetry, rivalry and family.

Clementine is a poet who takes words very seriously until she loses a poetry competition and an enemy criticises her poem. No longer confident in her poetry, she feels off and uncertain about her poetic style and skill.

She lives with her dad and little sister in Brighton. Her parents are no longer together but there is a friendship between the parents, though it has taken some time to get there.

At the start of Y6, Clem reestablishes her rivalry with poet critic, Callum. Deciding to hate him, he can nothing right or good in her eyes. However, when Callum’s mum and Clem’s dad start hanging out, Operation Bad Romance is born with Callum and Clem both fighting together to split their parents up. This does of course cause trouble, grounding and strange fishy smells.

Clementine is a bold character determined to keep her family just as it is, even though she risks her dad’s happiness. It takes neighbour and ex punk rocker Lyn Ferno, to help build her confidence and make her see sense when it comes to Callum and Mel, as well as building her confidence with poetry.

Heartwarming, funny but sensitive to divorce and changes within the home, this book will make you smile. It has the feel of a Jenny Pearson book, funny and hopeful.

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