The World Book Blog Tour

This large hard backed book landed one afternoon and I was very keen to browse, read and learn about the world. With every country represented through facts and illustrations, there is so much to enjoy in this book. Geography is not my strength and I found myself lost in the pages, travelling across continents and oceans to discover new and wonderful places.

When the opportunity to ask illustrator, Rose Blake, a few questions, I jumped at the chance!

The World Book is a whirlwind tour of all the countries and cultures on Earth. Clearly a lot of research has been done to ensure correctness, how did you go about your research for the illustrations?

Because there were SO many things to draw, Welbeck did all the picture research for me which was such a help. Then after I’d finished all the illustrations they were checked to make sure everything was correct.

How long did it take for you to complete the illustrations?

I would say it took about 3 months of full time work (it was during a lockdown in London, so I worked most of the time!)

Did you have a favourite country to illustrate?

I found Brazil really fun.

Did you learn any new and fascinating facts- has one stuck with you that you can share?

Yes, there are SO many… Finland has 187,888 lakes!

If you could choose 5 countries to visit based on this book, what would they be?

Hungary, Taiwan, South Korea, Egypt and Japan.

What is your favourite medium to work with?


What did you use to illustrate The World Book?

I used my Wacom cintiq and photoshop!

Are you working on anything you can share with us?

I’m illustrating a book about the history of words. I also have a book coming out early next year, that I illustrated with my friend Maisie Paradise Shearring, about our cats!

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