Vi Spy, Never Say Whatever Again by Maz Evans

Written by Maz Evans, Illustrations by Jez Tuya, Publishing 3 February by Chicken House Books

Maz Evans is the undisputed queen of humour. Having been late to the game with Who Let the Gods Out, I was completely enamoured with the audiobook, narrated by the great author herself. I also loved Vi Spy License to Chill and The Exploding Life of Scarlett Fife.

Vi Spy License to Chill was an immediate favourite when I read it last year and I know this sequel is hotly anticipated book by plenty of fans.

I can firmly attest to its brilliance. Vi is not doing very well at Rimmington Hall; failing her assessments, only having one friend and one enemy in Jenny. The pressure is on Valentine to pass the year and go on to being a cadet at the school. However, she needs to learn some very valuable life lessons….like listening, working as part of a team and trusting her family and friends. This last one is going to be the hardest as Umbra is still on the loose and is believed to have infiltrated Spider. But who is Umbra?

New talents arrive in this story and they are well placed to ensure that action is never far way, or laughs. New favourite is Missy, who just shouts “Can it Janet” at her mum all the time. Just brilliantly funny! Rob is a previous flame for Indy and certainly adds some sparks to her life! Siren is also back with her dodgy hygiene and offers of help!

Will Vi and her family be able to stop Umbra this time?

Read this, love this and share it widely! It is perfect!

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