The Tower at the End of Time Blog Tour

Written by Amy Sparkes, Illustrations by Ben Mantle, Published by Walker Books

Welcome back to the fabulous world building style from author Amy Sparkes. In The House at the Edge of Magic, we meet Nine and follow her adventure as a pickpocket trying to survive. When she steals a house knick knack, she is utterly gobsmacked to find that very house squish into a very narrow space in front of her eyes. Entering the house, Nine meets an interesting blend of characters. The reader is kept guessing as Nine tries to help those stranded inside by breaking the curse upon them.

Back with a sequel, Amy Sparkes once again creates these fantastic adventures within the house as it sails to The Wizarding Hopscotch Championship. Unfortunately for the house and those inside, a case of hiccups completely disrupts their journey.

Flabberghast, the wizard, has been looking forward to attending this championship for some time and intends to prove his worth. Along for the ride are Eric and Spoon who share the house with Flabberghast and now, Nine. The ultimate prize for winners of the hopscotch championship is a visit to The Tower at the End of time, where one question can be asked! It becomes a race against giant sand timers to make it, and each contestant has their own burning question to ask!

Of course, travelling in a house with hiccups and with truths being shared, this journey is not smooth and assured. It is chaotic and bumpy! Nine, at times, doubts her choice to stay with the house and travel to different places. As she learns more about her house-mates and they about her, there are tumultuous times ahead for them all.

From the extraordinary covers and through each page, readers are left enchanted by the imaginative stories and events as they happen. I love that nothing is too impossible to happen in Amy Sparkes’s books and I can’t wait to read more adventures with Nine, Eric and Flabberghast.

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