The Thief Who Sang Storms by Sophie Anderson

Sophie Anderson has a wonderful talent for writing tales that feel they have been around forever, ones that have been shared and passed down from generation to generation. Her unique perspective on fairytales and their characters gives her the ability to create new characters that sing off the pages. Quite literally in this case!

Linnet is an Alkonost, a bird person who once lived happily next to humans. Humans and Alkonosts lived peacefully, happily and unified until a tragic accident stole both their queens and set fear into the hearts of the humans. Alkonosts have been given the talents of singing magic, with varying abilities. No longer used in the same way, Linnet and her father, Nightingale, use the singing magic to help them steal to survive.

As you travel through the journey of Linnet, you also stumble into her past and learn about her family, especially her mother and time spent with her best friend Hero. Both of these people have shaped Linnet and she now lingers over memories of them both.

When a drastic change in Linnet’s life leads her to seek help, her future becomes entirely uncertain, as does those of those who help her.

Overwhelming themes of friendship, family, kindness and unity keep filtering through the tale and you can’t help but become immersed in this book, wandering through swamps, cities, beaches and quarries.

Linnet, though lacking singing magic, holds within her all we should all hold dear…hope, kindness and wishes for unity. Her simple requests could be so easy to give but they need to break through years of fear bred into hatred and grief that needs to be spoken about.

As I was reading, I was marking down messages that spoke to me, ones handed to Linnet from those who she admired most about memories, grief, love and courage.

Of course, I ended the book blinking rapidly to dislodge the tears wanting to roll down my face…heart warming, legendary and hopeful. Another complete triumph for the wonder that is Sophie Anderson!

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