What’s New Harper Drew? Blog Tour

I first spotted this book on a friend’s twitter feed and was immediately keen for my own copy! The cover drew me in and I was intrigued to know more about Harper Drew!

Poor Harper Drew is the middle child in what can only be described as the most chaotic family in the world.  I have an obsessive need to be early for all things and reading about their family holiday to France was making my own teeth itch, this is something Harper can relate to.  Complete chaos and odd decision making keep the reader on their toes as they follow Harper on her summer holidays.  Her dad’s ability to get into major trouble is also enough to keep readers laughing and worrying in equal measure!

Desperate for an invitation to cool girl, Maisie’s birthday festival is Harper’s only real goal this summer…that and trying not to scream at older and annoying brother Troy. Reading about his hair obsession and styling regime is hilarious! Harper may not manage to keep silent when it comes to Troy…

When an invitation is finally secured, Harper begins planning her outfit, present and experiences. What she should have realised was that nothing ever goes quite to plan when you are a Drew family member.  They even have a Drew family rating.  Most of the time, their family hovers around 9 out of 10 for chaos and craziness.

There are some surprises in store for Harper this summer and with the crazy antics throughout this story, you won’t want to put it down.  Harper, somehow, manages to survive and thrive but it won’t be easy!  

I would definitely read more about Harper Drew and her family so please write more, Kathy Weeks!!

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