Spellstoppers by Cat Gray

Wanting something new and intriguing, Spellstoppers was the ideal choice. I read it in one evening, not wanting to set it down.

Max is a curious child, in that anytime he touches something that uses electricity he feels pain, the item breaks or both!

When his mum’s new electric car becomes the next victim of this strange curse, she calls for help. Help arrives in the form of Bram, Max’s grandad. A wild figure, he shows signs of scorch marks on his clothing!

Bram and Max retreat to Yowling, where Max discovers that his curse is actually a genetic trait that skips a generation. His is what is called a Spellstopper, someone who can re-balance magical items, or drain items of magic altogether. Learning the skills and tricks from his grandad and new friend Kit, Max finally feels as though he belongs somewhere, as though he is not disregarded or feared.

Yowling is a magical community, but it lives in constant fear of Leandra and the castle. Leandra is a keeper in the castle but a cruel one who believes if she can’t be happy then no one can. Intent on getting Bram to fix the castle, she has her owls kidnap him. Max is brave and bold in his new home and insists on trying to save his grandfather.

When opportunity knocks, Max does all he can, not just to save his grandad but to save the entire community of Yowling!

Brilliantly written with a strangely magical cast of characters, this is an enormously imaginative debut. I was hooked from Max’s weird ability to break anything electrical to Kit’s dad and sister being part selkie. Exciting, courageous and wondrous, add this to your pre-orders! I can tell it will be a huge hit!

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