Return to FACTopia Blog Tour

FACTopia, the first book in this new series, was such a huge hit with readers! The varied format and vibrant pages made it super easy to want to turn the page, especially as you followed a trail that linked facts together. 400 facts filled those pages and I was so pleased to see Return to FACTopia announced.

Kate Hale and Andy Smith team up again to bring you volume 2, Return to FACTopia! Fully verified and fun facts are linked together forming pathways you can follow from topic to topic through this book.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun it is to browse through both FACTopia books! Quick, snappy facts designed to impress and blow your mind are presented in the most unique and fun way.

From cats and dogs to the world’s largest rubber duck collection, there is literally something for everyone within this book! Random, true and fun, what more could young fact finders want? Maybe more of this series? Well, there are 6 more still to come and I plan to own the entire collection!

Easy layout and bright colours make this fabulously fun!
My favourite fact from Return to Factopia! I love giraffes and find them endlessly fascinating so this was the perfect fact for me!

I am in awe of the sheer volume of facts and would love to know how they are chosen and verified- that sounds like an epic job!! I would happily volunteer myself to listen to giraffes humming at night to verify this fact!

Return to FACTopia by Kate Hale and Andy Smith is published by Britannica Books and is available now!

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