How to be True by Daisy May Johnson

I loved How to be Brave and wrote a blog called 10 Things I love about How to be Brave (link below). The story of Calla North and her duck loving mother was exciting and brilliant, but I must admit, I think I adore Edie even more!

Raised in Paris by protest leading and revolutionary parents, Edie has led a happy and bohemian life, until her parents decide to do good outside of the city and leave her with Odette, her grand mere. After too many arguments and lifestyle disagreements, Edie is sent to The School of Good Sisters, which we know well from Calla’s tale. Edie takes with her; a sense of justice, the ability to build barricades and her revolutionary style, not to mention a penchant for macarons!

When a school trip to Paris is planned, Edie must face coming home and being reunited with her distant grand-mere. This is not your normal school trip especially with the Good Sisters involved! For there is a chateau to explore, cakes, biscuits and macarons to devour and an art thief to stop!

A priceless painting belongs to Odette but one man has been trying to steal it for years for an unknown benefactor, one who remains a mystery until the very end of the book.

The entire school and owners of shops along Edie’s beloved Rue de la Vérité all get involved and there is plenty to halt an art thief…you may not even believe it as you read it! It is fast paced, clever and funny!

The footnotes are utterly fantastic and truly add an extra, completely welcome dimension to the story- sometimes with humour, information or delicious recommendations for food! It might be worth having some bisuits, cakes or macarons near by! The Nuns highly recommended it!

As well as sharing her Paris with friends, classmates and nuns, Edie will learn of the truth behind the painting and behind her grand-mere!

Dive into this book, and I can only hope that some clues about Hanna have been left behind purposely as her story is next to be told?

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