Eternity Engine by Struan Murray

Written by Struan Murray, Illustrations by Manuel Šumberac, Published by Puffin

The trilogy ends here, with Eternity Engine and formally places Struan Murray at the top table for world building, character development and imaginative plots.

Having been along this journey of life and death with Ellie, Seth and Anna since the beginning, I was fully invested in their plight. Their sense of identity wrapped up in the many facets of their lives, and each other. What happens with one of those is threatened? Well, they fight back with all their strength and love.

In the continuation of their stories, Kate is making her way to The City to destroy the Inquisition, not worrying about what might get in her way or caring the way we hope she would. Seth is using much of his power to part the ocean for the march to her conquest, and Anna is hunting for Ellie!

The Eternity Engine is the only thing that can save them all and with the ocean parted, it can finally be accessed and used. But just who controls it? The answer will surprise you and take this story on a new path. Destroying the Enemy was never going to be easy but this thrilling and epic conclusion will have you gripping your seats tightly with white knuckles.

Poignant moments are woven through and the love, strength and compassion shared keeps you emotionally invested. There are also honest truths for humans to bear as we do cause chaos on the world, though not quite in the way the Enemy would have us do so.

This is a trilogy I would re-read as I feel with it complete, I could go back and lose myself entirely in this world, reminding myself of the brilliance of story, character and plot. From the beginning with the boy in the whale, which won The Branford Boase award in 2021, to the conclusion, this is an epic trilogy!

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